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The Alliance has been by far one of the most creative and exciting outlets for me recently.


The overarching concept was simple- an outlet for creatives to join forces and produce experimental stimulation of all artistic forms. We strive to bring you campaigns that differ in mediums and styles. We are photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, videographers, developers, painters, sound designers, fashionistas, musicians, models, and much more. If you live on the East Coast, send us a line. We'd love meeting new creatives. Come join team A11iance.



Campaign Process

These slides illustrate the execution of this campaign. It began when we realized we were of different ethnic origin. Our main concept was to create our own state or country. We each then contributed artistic elements our own cultures (past or present) from Korea to Mexico, Estonia, Russia and Germany, you can see how each of these elements took shape into this campaign. It was then asked "What does a country need to sustain itself?"... so we came up with currency, official stamps/emblems, a chief export (potion #11) and of course a little propaganda with some poster works.




Alliance currently operates under two web site, a Virb and a myspace page.



launch Virb page

launch myspace page





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