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Comcast Redesign

Brand Strategy
Web Site Design
Information Architecture

The largest undertaking I have experienced. This immense project began a year ago when Comcast learned their .net site was a dieing dinosaurneeding a critical update to this century's technology (from the CMS to the front end).


After several months of refining the style guide for comcast.net, , the assembly of each component began from the header all the way down to the footer. The initial intent was to develop a library of modules that could be repurposed throughout every channel. As you begin to explore each channel, you can see this pattern of modules existing across the site.



launch site



Home Interaction

The use of black overlays are abundant for this redesign. Whether it is a photo over, video playing or a simple dropdown, the use of black was key in branding interaction across .net.




TV Channel






Sports Channel

Probably the most exhaustive part of this redesign, the Sports channel required over 60 pages on mere statistical data, all custom to this channel alone. Primary, mid-level and lower-level sports landing pages were also created.



Music Channel



Finance Channel




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