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Greedy Genius v1

Brand Strategy
Web Site Design
Print Design

With the advent of Web 2.0, social media services have introduced API's that allow the user to freely repurpose these services and allow for a quicker turnover in development time, not to mention a cheaper approach to CMS/backend development which the client loved. We used a blogger feed for all text managed on the site, Yahoo maps for all store locations, myspace for their video and customer retention efforts, flickr for all images seen on the site which are also dynamically placed and created using flickr's management tools. For instance, if the user wants to display a new collection for the Winter, they simply create a "winter" folder in flickr with its respective images and the site automatically creates this set for them without any extra intervention.


The landing page was an obvious choice for us. Our targeted demographic was males in their late twenties so the Video Game/Atari generation was in full effect. We made this spoof to coincide with their launch.



code by gabocorp




The old days of desktop wallpapers and screensavers have passed. Today, there is a demand in imagery for PSP, Xbox, and other consoles and devices. Nuline created wallpapers for the Xbox, PSP and animated screens for Greedy Genius. Although some did not get published, I've collected a few here for show.



see animation concept



Greedy Style Guide

When Greedy Genius first came to Nuline, their brand suffered from neglect in several areas. There were inconsistancies in color, logo usage, typography, application of logo and messaging. We created a style guide that would set the stage for their branding efforts and product deployment.




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