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Greedy Genius v2

Brand Strategy
Web Site Design
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When the guys at Greedy Genius decided they wanted a new look to align itself with the ever-changing face of underground labels, Nuline took it as a challenge to provide them with a new look focused on a more "sophisticated" direction which was a greater challenge than GN$ version 1. It was imperative by Greedy Genius to not look so commercial or we would lose the audience. We introduced a darker color palette, simpler shapes and this "elitist" look they were after.


With the advent of Web 2.0, social media services have introduced API's that allow the user to freely repurpose these services and allow for a quicker turnover in development time, not to mention a cheaper approach to CMS/backend development which the client loved. We used a blogger feed for all text managed on the site, Yahoo maps for all store locations, myspace for their video and customer retention efforts, flickr for all images seen on the site which are also dynamically placed and created using flickr's management tools. For instance, if the user wants to display a new collection for the Winter, they simply create a "winter" folder in flickr with its respective images and the site automatically creates this set for them without any extra intervention.



code by gabocorp



launch site



Greedy Myspace

Before the launch of greedygenius.com Nuline was asked to launch an underground site for GN$ on myspace. This proved to be a very effective vehicle for them as they managed to attract the attention of thousands of users in a matter of a month. The approach was spot on when we created a Google spoof to their brand. The users embraced it and the page became popular soonafter that they landed a big commercial spot with Toyota which can be seen on their page.



launch myspace site




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