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H2H Properties

Brand Strategy
Print Design

Texas company H2H asked Nuline to help them with their brand from the ground up. These images illustrate the process for branding beginning with their logo creation, font-family for their brand and the application of this brand across several products they wished to deploy.


Their printed collateral went a long way and quickly gained the attention of many local businesses. We helped H2h establish their credibility as a desired source for soccer gear and a soccer arena.


During the 2006 World Cup, they asked us to create a poster for them to give away for marketing purposes. It became a huge success.


Futbol Mundial (SP)

Web Design
Print Design

H2H attained a indoor soccer facility as part of their growing business. They asked for a highly usable page for their calendar of events plus scheduling for their games.


It was important for both H2H and Soccer Plaza to retain the same branding strategy/aesthetic so we carried the same color palette and design process for both entities as they both are now dependent of each other as a web presence.


The Futbol Mundial identity and printed collateral also became an instrumental component to their brand strategy.






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