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Handheld Games, makers of portable video games was by far one of the biggest challenges in my entire career. A deadline of 7 days to deliver a full flash site with original sound design, motion design, a 3d interface and a new identity was a very tall order. Nonetheless, I was up for the challenge. The launch of the web site had to coincide with a video game event so we were under pressure to definitely deliver.


With only 7 days to deliver, I created the logo in a few hours when I knew exactly what I they needed. Each section had an original sound track, the animated transitions came out beautifully and on the 7th day, we let there be light. Running on fumes, we launched and the site became a huge success taking in awards and publications in magazines such as Creative Arts.


Now, the site has been taken over by their in-house development staff. As a result, sections from the site may seem fragmented or "off".



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